• Myra Travin

    educational futurist and learning design innovator

    Learning is survival.


    It’s the key skill of the 21st century. It waits for no one: Yesterday’s solutions, even those we think of as tried and true, won’t work for today, let alone tomorrow. It is the currency that defines our value in a knowledge-based economy.


    That’s why Myra Travin is always thinking in the future.


    Myra is an Educational Program Manager and Learning Solutions Designer with significant experience in implementing programs in global IT, Leadership, Change Management, and Performance Management/Learning Metrics.


    Myra’s experience in assessment and evaluation, mobile learning, eLearning, analytics, success-case design, and multi-device LX design brings an innovative vision to all her projects. As a committed strategist who believes in outcomes, she develops deeper client relationships within all projects and always delivers leading-edge designs.


    Her projects range from working in higher education for the University of New Mexico and the University of British Columbia to such Fortune 500 companies as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Appen, BP, Walgreens, PwC, and SPSS Inc., and public sector agencies such as the Gates Foundation, Los Alamos National Labs, and The Ministry of Forests in Canada.


    Myra’s most recent book is "School of You," a manifesto for learners of all ages and disciplines. Her message: You must become your own learning curator. Guerrilla Learning is the engine that will drive your success, whether it's developing the next killer app or rising quickly within your company.


    Find Myra on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/myratravin and on Twitter at @m_travin.



    Future Technologies Panel & Resume Hacking Workshop

    #HackingHR Seattle and #Learnapalooza present 6 Women in Tech who are thought leaders, influencers, and doers.


    They will honor women during Women's History Month with this event featuring a panel of all Women in Tech talking about #futureoflearning #futureofwork.


    It will be from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 28, at the Seattle School of Visual Concepts, 2300 7th Ave. Suite B, Seattle, WA


    Stepping Into the Story — Designing Immersive Experiences



    SPEED LEARNING SESSIONS LEADER: The first step in designing learning experiences is to understand the power of the story being told to the learner. The learning exercise or environment, no matter how detailed or technical, is a step into a new universe of understanding for them. It is a narrative built from the touchstones of content, learners, and tools, and it is more than just the data or process it represents — it is a story that is ultimately compelling if designed and told with care. Significance that learners derive from content is always culled from the inherent meaning within it, so designers must find the personal context in which learners travel and make their journey surprising and delightful. Immersive design is a way of seeing the content through the lens of a story and finding the most impactful way for learners to begin their discovery. It is a path they will experience and make choices within. It is so much more than just a training tool.


    Learn-A-Palooza 3.0: Expanding Our Reach From Local to Global

    May 19, 2017

    City University of Seattle

    521 Wall St., Seattle, WA


    "Who Are We Now? From Instructional Designers to Learning Environment Designers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"


    Conference themes

    • How do you stay in tune with the continued globalization of organizations?
    • How do you keep up with how people learn when so much of it is learned in different ways through the use of technology and outside of classrooms?
    • How do we keep growing and developing our own professional needs?

    More information is available here.


    May 5, 2017

    Sandia Resort & Casino

    Albuquerque, NM


    Workshop session: "Who Are We Now? From Instructional Design to Radical Immersion Learner Experience (LX) Design"


    More information is available here.


    Pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.


    We are well into the 21st century. Why are so many instructors and designers still locked in eternal embrace with principles from the Industrial Revolution? A beautiful day on Puget Sound prompts a conversation about the direction of learning and how it is past time to realize that the future is now.

  • the future is now

    That course you just created? There's a good chance it's obsolete.

    As a learning evangelist, I am always enthusiastic about presenting designs that lead to next-generation choice and access-driven learning environments. As I see it, a digital evangelist is a person who believes that the learner and technology they use are in a collaborative relationship where each creates possibilities for the other. Without an equal focus in this reflexive relationship, one has a tendency to be more significant than the other.


    Technology without humans is sterile. Humans without technology are less operative. And, as we will continue to be more and more interdependent, we must learn to join together with a common purpose. Yet we must begin with a renewed focus on the human being and a passion for advocating on their behalf. Even though we will be in partnership, we remain the reason for the relationship to exist at all.

  • 'SCHOOL of YOU'

    Stop the Overload, Become a Guerrilla Learner and Change Your Life

    Make no mistake: Learning is survival. You must become your own learning curator.


    “School of You: Stop the Overload, Become a Guerrilla Learner and Change Your Life,” my latest book, teaches you how to personalize your own learning, to discover your potential, and to exceed expectations. It's also a shot across the bow to systems of learning and bad UX design that get in between learners and their experience.

    When learners take charge of their own learning—no matter whether they are in school, have a job or don’t, or are a 12-year-old wanting to implement a brilliant new startup idea—my book gives them the golden ticket.


    In the equation of technology and learner, I believe the key element is how humans develop a relationship with the tool they are using and how together they co-create a future state of resourcefulness.


    The music is not in the piano, but in the interaction between user and technology. In other words: Learners First.


    Purchase "School of You" on Amazon.com.

    What readers are saying about 'School of You'

    From Amazon.com:

    Have you noticed that control freaks are in charge of learning? They tell us what to study and how to study it, though our learning styles are different. They take an Industrial Age approach past its expiration date. Education futurist Myra Travin forecasts that with the assistance of mobile phones, those powerful computers in our pockets, a revolution is coming that will put control of learning in the hands of the learners themselves. Her book, "School of You," provides a philosophy and roadmap for a new era of personalized learning.

    — Howard Wolinsky, adjunct professor, Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism.

    From Amazon.com:

    A must for people who overload themselves. Travin gives practical advice and reminds us that we are the leaders in our lives — the "schools of one" who can and will deal with the overload. A great guidebook that I'll continue to use in my professional and personal lives.

    — Mom of Twins

    From Amazon.com:

    Ms. Travin takes on the mouldering educational paradigm that has gone largely unchanged since 18th-century England and provides us with a breadth of alternative ways to learn that are more effective, authentic, and empowered. Rather than taking on the establishment and chipping away at the dysfunctionally institutionalized system, which by default has leeched its way into corporate training as well, she brings it to the individual and shows the way to break out of the shackles of the mega-expensive, ineffective, and, for many, inaccessible road to knowledge and skill. Corporate training programs would to well to take her ideas seriously and stop dumping their cash into training programs that they themselves admit don't work that all that well. Bravo, Ms. Travin; your book may well be the lone voice in a wilderness of mediocrity that we've all been straining to hear!!

    — William Farrand

    From Amazon.com:

    This book is brilliant and liberating!!!! As a parent of a child with special needs, as a student who survived the K-12 and 4-year university education system and as a "lifelong learner" (as Travin so eloquently puts it), after reading this book I feel vindicated and validated. Travin doesn't pull any punches as she gives a shrewd and accurate account of how learning is approached in this country. But she doesn't just leave you hanging, she give you tools! I walked away from this book feeling liberated and equipped to take on whatever challenge, learning or otherwise, I am faced with! Thank you Ms Travin!

    — By Odetsgirl



    Learning Design for the Future

    What I have realized as a learner-experience designer is that learning frequently takes place outside of the actual context of instruction, so integrating learning into the workflow makes a ton of sense.


    Learning that happens within our everyday communications is something we can all agree upon, but we must also understand that it makes most of our training tools obsolete: the course, the class, the old LMS. These tools are starting to seem antiquated because, frankly, they are. It is time to integrate learning into social environments that support choice and access and that truly offer the promise of andragogy—that people bring experience to learning.


    We must create environments for learners that are healthy, supportive, and sound. That is the promise of a Slack-based learning ecology: It supports constructivism that allows learners to choose information to meet goals, and does it within a social context. They also choose performance support and community peer-to-peer relationships that help them learn with and from others. Just don't expect it to look like a regular eLearning course: SlackEduRooms don't roll that way.


    Purchase "SlackEduRooms: Learning Design for the Future" on Amazon.com.

  • Adaptive Learning Solutions & AI

    Machine Learning applications that make a difference, in business and in life.

    InSense AI


    InSense AI is a revolutionary yet simple algorithm that accurately predicts human behavior. It is a powerful and unique, low-cost market innovation. Use cases include Medical, InfoSec, Risk Management, Recruitment, and Military.


    Co-designer and developer

    RelationIQ is an iOS application for human capital matching. Answer simple questions and find the right people in work, as friends, or even for romance.

  • Services I Offer

    Discover how I can help you achieve your goals in business and life.

    LX & UX Design​

    I provide creative direction, concept, and execution of pages with the use of personas, user scenarios, mockups, style guides, click maps, iconography, UX specs, task flows, wireframes, site maps, storyboards, taxonomies, prototypes, localization, accessibility, visual design, and design patterns establishing the layout to ensure effective user-centered design consistent with brand identity, with teams meeting client and delivery deadlines.


    My approach will guide you through strategy, competency mapping, blended learning design, technology deployment, and outcomes and value measurement that match your organizational goals. I use innovative designs and accelerated learning principles that ensure learner engagement.

    Mobile Learning

    With the amount of mobile devices greater than the world’s population — more than 7 billion and growing — mobile technology delivery is here to stay. I will customize designs based on your needs and delivery requirements, so I can help you leverage the opportunities that mobile learning provides and keep you on budget and within scope.

    Collaborative Learning

    I have developed powerful collaborative learning solutions to help organizations succeed by leveraging instant communication in cloud-based team collaboration environments. When novices can benefit from experts in real time, solutions which might take weeks or even months are given in seconds — and it moves organizations forward. All content is searchable, including files, conversations, and people.

    Personalization Learning Strategies

    My emphasis on individual learners becoming their own learning curators has begun a revolution in the personal-to-technology world. Every learner can find individualized ways through curriculum and content, as well as relationships to resources and tools. My book "School of You" provides the groundbreaking research and development going on in the area of personal learning curation, and I consult for organizations to assist the power of this concept within organizational settings.

    Learning Ecology Creation

    I see learners at the center of an ecosystem of performance. With increasing need to access data, knowledge, and resources beyond the classroom, instructional strategies are fast evolving to support new concepts such as flipped classrooms, relational performance support, and group collaboration within a performance ecosystem, where learners are connected to experts, content, technology, and mentors at the point of need, driving organizational performance and learner success.

    Performance Support

    All learners, whether novices or experts, need access to the right information and resources at the right time. The actuality of performance design is that all performers may need both: assistance in understanding how to perform (right information), and data and resources at the point of need to support the tasks (right time). I have been designing performance support systems and EPSS that meet and exceed the needs of learners and organizations.

    Outcomes and xAPI

    People are the key to innovation, not simply the systems they use — but systems can reveal the true nature of people through algorithmic predictive data strategies. In my data personalization-driven designs, I bring all elements of personalization and competency evaluation into self-supporting environments that utilize xAPI measurement and outcomes.

    Technical Management & Coaching

    My work in the area of STEM and technical coaching has been regarded as impactful by organizations and educational journals that have given the Tech-Shift (FSM) model high marks for excellence in design. The model, recently featured at the ICF Prism Awards, is a way for technical companies to accelerate the training for technical managers from five years to one year for competency adoption. It is seen as a competitive advantage in Fortune 500 companies and governments that employ technical workers.

    Information Transfer & Content Strategies

    Information and content transfer strategies utilize technology where users can access and preserve digital notes and multi-user collaboration such as screen clippings, audio, video, and handwritten drawings delivered and shared with others in real time over a network. Students can archive and update these materials in conjunction with online data forms and repositories to capture and create ongoing strategies for knowledge transfer within an organization. Rather than waiting for promotion, job change, or retirement, the knowledge assets within an organization can be leveraged and documented every day.


    A few of the corporations and agencies I've worked with.

    Leadership & Mentorship Instructional Design

    Program Designer

    Mentorship program designer for the Microsoft Technical Leadership Development Program (TLDP). Provided domain impact assessments, mentorship delivery model, mentor/mentee relationship criteria, summative feedback mechanisms, and relationship health data including nano-coaching feedback tactics that provided the advantage of real-time performance support.

    Future Learning Taskforce

    Thought Leader

    Contributed learning ecology program design as a member of the Gates Foundation Future Learning Taskforce and provided expertise in the areas of technology and resource design, and developed a model for future delivery of learning services within the organization.

    Learning Architecture

    Senior Program Leader

    Directed program design and activities with clients and mLearning/eLearning designers regarding flow of course, layout, media development, and exercises in a deadline-driven production environment. Created mLearning/eLearning courseware to include complex user interactions using variables.

    Succession and Information Transfer

    Learning Specialist

    Created a Microsoft-based information-transfer environment for succession planning utilizing tools for annotation, video micro lessons, QR codes, community real-time messaging and online data collection.

    Advisory Board

    Learning Specialist

    Contributed educational and mentoring expertise as a member of the UNIVentures Network and Advisory Board to Collective Changes: a diverse network of women in business — collegiate, professional, and entrepreneurs — who are using cutting-edge technology to mentor to women-owned, small to medium-sized enterprises to grow and build jobs around the world. Designed a mLearning STEM certification program for delivery to students in Seattle and Asia within an interactive MOOC learning community.

    Web Search Analytics Evaluation

    Director of Global Training

    Responsible for developing and delivering web search analytics training in virtual classroom environments to ABH employees worldwide. Provided analysis of assessment and evaluation data to create quality improvements and production efficiencies.

    Leadership Training

    Instructional Designer

    Performed expert analysis, evaluation, and review of current Redesigned a leadership and change management strategy to launch a new initiative to streamline and improve current curriculum and processes.

    Onboarding Sales Training Program

    Program Manager

    Responsible for strategy, curriculum, and facilitation of onboarding program for Hewlett Packard worldwide. Evaluated training skill gaps, developed curriculum, designed current business transactions, and created call center and customer interaction metrics for service agreements and escalation. Developed core curriculum requirements for an advanced sales certification program in conjunction with global and regional sales coordinators.

    Instructional Project Management

    Senior Learning Designer

    Responsible for milestones, deadlines, and key stakeholder relationships while leading diverse teams to streamline and redesign current customer business strategies and customer relationship protocols while implementing cloud computing solutions. Defined scope and conducted needs analyses of training curriculum and customer interactions.

    Program Design and Analytics

    Senior Learning Director

    Directed all phases of training design and delivery, managed vendors, and created a new online 360-degree evaluation process and online data mining recruitment tool.

    Business Process Design

    Science Technical Officer

    Transformed organizational training process to a web-based model, ensuring a user-centric performance support application.


    Making impressions across the learning spectrum, from conferences to articles to books.

    A Mixed Reality Model for Immersive Learning Environments

    In the full implementation of mixed-reality environments, the architecture concept expands to include other forms of information design: not just visual, but also verbal.

    Slack EduRooms Training Magazine 16OLC Preview

    Educational Futurist Myra Travin on why the online collaboration platform Slack is increasingly a great choice for online classrooms -- which Training Magazine will also be using for its online Peer-Learning Community leading up to the Online Learning 16 Conference.

    Podcast: Discover The Secret Power of Mentorship

    Interview with Giovanna Rossi of WellWomanLife.

      Podcast: Personalized Learning and Artificial Intelligence

      Interview with Lisa Minogue-White of WillowDNA, an online learning and knowledge company, on Learning Now Radio.

      Podcast: Staying ahead of the curve, belief in yourself, and Artificial Intelligence.

      Interview with Michele Woodward of Uplift Radio.

      You Are Freaking Me Out, Sophia

      I’ve been gazing into the future for years, and I’m a little freaked out. Before us lies the horizon of Artificial Intelligence. Supposedly we want AI because it is going to revolutionize our work and make the world seamless, integrated and progressive. But are we creating a heaven on earth or digging our own virtual graves?

      ICF Washington Prism Awards 2016

      I recently taught as a keynote presenter on the TechShift model that Bill Farrand and I created. Coaching as an Innovation in the workplace, with emphasis on presenters to choose "Creative Application" or "Measured Results" as a theme.

      Travin: Saying goodbye to the future

      I have just said goodbye to the future.

      I’m a learning futurist, but the future just became my enemy. My background is in learning and technology — always looking for a way to see possibilities, to leverage opportunities, and to see a roadmap into the future for learners.

      #LXDesign Panel at #SXSWEdu

      Today was a day about a year in the making. Our #lxdesign panel at #sxswedu in Austin, Texas was finally on and we got to engage with our learning communities around our favorite topic.

      New Perspectives in Mentoring: A Quest for Leadership Excellence and Innovation

      Bill Farrand and Myra Travin have created a virtual mentorship lab program for new managers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This program is a blended solution of cutting-edge curricula, responsive platform design for scalability, and success-case measurement for learning outcomes.

      xAPI Shifting to 3rd Gear

      What happened at xAPI Camp Amazon? This wasn’t merely a great event. This was a game changer. The participants, including the speakers and our partners — this event really couldn’t have come out more epic than it did.

      PCMA/MPI Meetings Industry Summit Keynote 

      "Why the Future of Meetings Will Always Be Face-to-Face." This session outlined a step-by-step strategy to not just cope with the pace of continuous information and technology change, but flourish in spite of it, and outlined the ways that resiliency is the key to social advancement.

      The Learning Ecology Framework: Moving from Instructor Control to Learner Control

      A brief look at the Learning Ecology framework and how it is being used by a local educator to continue the shift from a traditional teaching model to a more learner-driven and personalized model.

      Teaching in a Digital Age

      The book examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age when all of us, and in particular the students we are teaching, are using technology. 

      Checklist: Selecting Technology for Learning

      With so many possibilities for digital learning, selecting media and technologies for appropriate course instruction is a very complex process. Although there are a wide range of options in the ed tech realm, pedagogical considerations should always come first. 

      You Can Get There From Here: The xAPI Learner Personalization Framework

      One of the greatest obstacles to the implementation of xAPI in organizations is the tension between the need for a turnkey solution and a highly personalized learning experience environment. 

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